Maclean Evangelical Church met for the first time on Sunday 27th July 2013 as Maclean Christian Bible Fellowship.

We currently meet in the CWA Hall on River St, Maclean, NSW.

Service time is 5:00 p.m. Sundays

Contact: Rev Andrew Groves 6647 6658

Our Church is Biblical, Reformed and Evangelical.

MEC Doctrinal Position

Below are links to our Members Covenant and Beliefs as well as our Constitution and Governance Rules.

MEC Membership Covenant

MEC Constitution and Governance

The name of the Church is Maclean Evangelical Church.

The Church exists for the praise of God’s glory and the joy of members in their growing in the knowledge of God, their being conformed to the likeness of the Lord Jesus and their making him known in the world.

The Church is Biblical, Reformed and Evangelical. The Scriptural and doctrinal position of the church as taught by pastors & elders is to be in accordance with the Westminster Confession of Faith (Sections 1-18, 32-33)

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